EvMedEd is an Exchange for Education Resources that needs and values your contributions.

Please share articles, books, videos, course materials, and links to any and all resources relevant to evolutionary medicine.  Members of the evolution and medicine community are encouraged to submit their own publications and other creations. EvMedEd does not host original material, only information about resources and links to them. We cannot link to privately hosted copyrighted resources, but links to open access materials and to URLs on Google Scholar or Research Gate are fine.

There are two ways to get your contributions into EvMedEd. 

1.  Paste information about the resources into the simple form at the bottom of this page. Data go directly to EvMedEd and will be posted as soon as your contribution can be approved and edited.

2.  Send an email to with a list of DOIs or ISBNs, one on each line. For videos  please send an APA formatted reference. Citation Machine creates formatted references automatically. For other resources, just send full information with a URL.  For large lists, data in a spreadsheet is welcome.  Contributors will be credited unless you specify otherwise.

Do please share your creations and other resources that you value!