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Access to a private search page with all 1500+  EvMedEd resources is provided free and instantly after users share a line or two about how they will use the resources. Even if you do not need to search everything, please share your comments and suggestions in the box below to help us to improve the site and document its use. A few samples are below.
  • I teach an intro bio course and would like to add a lesson on antibiotic resistance.  Jane Doe, Assistant Prof, Kenyon College
  • A medical school curriculum committee asked me to create a one hour module on evolutionary medicine.  Joseph Advan, Prof. Medicine, University of Michigan.
  • Students in my high school biology class fear evolution. I want to find examples of how it can be useful.  Anonymous in the deep south.
  • I am an undergraduate student looking for resources about anxiety disorders for my term paper.   UCLA sophomore
  • I am a public health researcher curious about evolutionary medicine and the microbiome. June Jaspers, MPH.
  • I am looking for resources for an evolutionary medicine course I am creating.  James Jillson, University of Utah Department of Biology,
Please fill in the box below with as much information as you would like to share and press “Submit” to get instant access to the URL of the page that provides all resources and advanced search.